Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang Receives Rock Star Treatment

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang Gets Rock Star Welcome in Taiwan, Shares Soar | GQ Research

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Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia (NVDA), recently garnered rock star treatment in Taiwan, where he was a keynote speaker at the Computex Taipei computer trade show. Huang’s visit captivated Taiwanese media, with extensive coverage and reporters closely following his every move. He was mobbed by attendees at Computex and featured prominently in thousands of social media posts.

“He’s just such an inspiration – he’s one of us,” said engineer Hol Chang. “What he is doing will change the world.” Huang’s popularity, dubbed “Jensanity” by locals, has swept across the island, making headlines and sparking public fascination.

Huang’s activities were closely followed, from dining at local restaurants to posing for selfies and answering questions about his meals. He even threw the first pitch at a baseball game in Taipei and signed autographs, including a memorable request from a female fan to sign her top across her chest. This level of celebrity treatment highlights his significant influence and the high regard in which he is held in Taiwan.

Nvidia’s Market Surge

Huang, 61, was born in Tainan, Taiwan’s historic capital, before emigrating to the United States at age nine. While his celebrity status in the U.S. is more subdued, with occasional recognition, his company, Nvidia, is widely acknowledged. Nvidia dominates the market for graphics chips that power the massive artificial intelligence (AI) datasets used by major tech firms like Meta Platforms (META), Microsoft (MSFT), and Alphabet (GOOG).

On June 5, Nvidia shares experienced a significant surge, reaching record highs and surpassing Apple (AAPL) in market capitalization. Nvidia’s market value hit $3.019 trillion at the end of the session, compared to Apple’s $2.99 trillion. This milestone positioned Nvidia as the second-most valuable public company, trailing only behind Microsoft, which holds a market capitalization of $3.15 trillion.

During his keynote at Computex, Huang outlined Nvidia’s ambitious plans to introduce a new version of its flagship AI chips annually. “Our company has a one-year rhythm,” Huang stated. “Our basic philosophy is very simple: build the entire data-center scale, disaggregate and sell to you parts on a one-year rhythm, and push everything to technology limits.” He revealed that a significant upgrade to Nvidia’s next-generation Rubin GPU (graphics processing unit) is in the pipeline and set for release in 2026. “The next wave of AI is physical AI,” Huang said. “AI that understands the laws of physics, AI that can work among us.”

Nvidia also announced plans to ship its new Blackwell GPU system in the coming months, with an upgrade to Blackwell Ultra expected next year.

Market Analysts and Future Prospects

Bank of America Securities analysts, led by Vivek Arya, reiterated their buy rating on Nvidia, setting a price target of $1,500. They highlighted Nvidia’s strong position to enable the $3 trillion IT industry to deliver AI services. “Despite claims by rivals (AMD, Intel, custom chips or ASICs), we see NVDA with a multi-year lead in performance, pipeline, incumbency, scale, and developer support,” Arya noted in a research report.

Last month, Nvidia reported outstanding first-quarter earnings, including a five-fold increase in overall revenue, which surpassed $26 billion. Net income surged, resulting in a bottom line of $15.24 billion. Additionally, Nvidia announced a ten-for-one forward stock split, effective after June 7.

Chris Versace of TheStreet Pro decided to trim his position in Nvidia ahead of the stock split. “We’ve seen NVDA shares drift higher this week following CEO Jensen Huang’s comments at Computex and a few price target increases across Wall Street,” Versace remarked. “Our view is the 10-for-1 split is largely cosmetic, and we’d rather lock in the more than 50% gain on our original NVDA purchase.”

As Nvidia continues to push technological boundaries and expand its market presence, “Jensanity” reflects the profound impact of Huang’s leadership and vision in the tech world.

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