Global Molasses Market: A healthier and low-cost substitute for Sugar

Molasses Market

The Molasses Market is a global industry that revolves around the production, trade, and consumption of molasses. Molasses is a thick, dark syrup obtained from the processing of sugarcane or sugar beet juice during the production of sugar. It is widely used as a sweetener and flavoring agent in various food and beverage products.

Molasses is a thick, dark brown liquid that acts as a substitute sweetener for sugar. It is the by-product of the Sugar extraction process from sugar Cane juice. It has two types namely Original & Blackstrap Molasses. Original molasses contains near about 70% of sugar and a comparatively high amount of moisture. Whereas, Blackstrap molasses contains 55% of total sugars, more than 1% of protein, and 80% of total solids. In terms of commercial use, blackstrap molasses dominates the market as it is used in the production of ethanol.

Here are 5 Health Benefits of Molasses

Molasses are extracted from sugar cane or beets. The juice is first extracted from crushed sugar canes or sugar beets. Manufacturers then boil this juice, resulting in the formation of sugar crystals. Molasses is what remains after the crystals have been removed. This boiling procedure can be repeated, and a different kind of molasses is produced each time. Molasses can be used in place of sugar. Despite coming from the same plant as sugar, molasses is healthier and less problematic than sugar.

The sweetener molasses is extremely beneficial to our body’s wellness.

  • It is healthy for our bones and heart.
  • Particularly in children, it strengthens the digestive system and avoids constipation.
  • It is also excellent for the health of our skin and hair.
  • If consumed in excess, it could not provide all of these advantages.
  • Instead, according to a study, it might lead to issues like obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease, which can occur as a result of consuming a lot of sugar.
  • Molasses being so beneficial and nutritional are also used in various industries like boilery, plantation, refinery, sugar bush, sugar cane mill, and sugar marketing.

The global Molasses market is expected to grow shortly due to varied applications of the molasses & new product formation potential. After the onset of COVID-19 people nowadays are more concerned about food and nutritional factors. They want to have a balanced and nutritional diet or dietary supplements that reduce the risk of chronic ailments and prove beneficial for immunity. Molasses in its various product forms proves beneficial for health and is more balanced than sugar.

Thus, people with diabetes, obesity, etc. are using molasses as a sweetener. COVID-19 has made a negative on the Molasses Market. Due to lockdowns, and curfews, there was a severe shortage of labor in the Sugar Industries. Due to severe restrictions and non-cooperation from the government, Global transposition the production of molasses has been hampered. This severely affected the market.

In India, the Union Government has permitted the oil corporations to add up to 10% of ethyl alcohol to gasoline. That would greatly lower the price. Additionally, attempts will be made to raise the percentage to 20% and beyond shortly. This initiative would surely promote the use of molasses.

However, many restraints could hinder the growth of the this market, for instance, Due to the climate change we are experiencing nowadays, the groundwater level is depleting day by day. The rainfall pattern is also disturbed. These things pose irrigation problems. As water is the necessary factor in the cultivation of Sugar Cane & Sugar Beets, Irrigation problems decide the growth of the molasses market. Also, the production mainly depends upon Sugar Cane and Sugar Beet. Prices of labor, Electricity, Fertilizers, etc. influence the price of the raw material. These fluctuating prices serve as restraints.

        The Global Molasses Market is driven by Allied Old English Inc., Amoretti, Archer Daniels Midland Company, B & G Foods Inc., Cora Texas Manufacturing Co., Crosby Molasses Co. Ltd., Ed and F Man Holdings Pvt. Ltd, Fairly Traded Organics, Malt Products Corp., Michigan Sugar Co., Spreckels Sugar Company Inc.

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